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99 ford contour

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  • 99 ford contour

    hi, i have a friend with a 99 for contour, i am trying to figure why it won't run on cng, it runs fine on gas though.

    1. where can i find a service manual that covers the cng in this vehicle?

    2. where are the locations of the major components?
    filter, hi regulator, lo regulator, compuvalve, etc

    everything is so packed in the vehicle its hard to se what's what.

    thanks for your help

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    Re: 99 ford contour

    You can start looking underneath the car by the rear of the engine on the driver's side. I don't think you'll find what's wrong without taking to a Ford CNG certified mechanic - they make it complicated and expensive - not for diy.


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      Re: 99 ford contour

      P.S. the first place to check is the CNG fuel filter which could be plugged or shot, but you have to depressurize eveything before you start messing around with that.