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Can high pressure regulators be fixed?

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  • Can high pressure regulators be fixed?

    I have a Contour that has a regulator that won't open until it warms up. Does anyone know if it can be taken apart and cleaned to make it work? Thanks

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    Re: Can high pressure regulators be fixed?

    I haven't heard of anyone that's successfully rebuilt either regulators, or compuvalves. To help reach the people that can better answer this, I moved your post to the Ford Forum.

    It would be nice if someone could figure out how to reman these items. They'd probably get a steady (and lucrative) business from our members.


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      Re: Can high pressure regulators be fixed?

      The Compuvalves can be flushed with denatured alcohol while triggering the injectors remotely under a light pressure (a test bench works best but one can be configured). If there is an internal sensor or software failure, its trash. No replacement parts are available as most of the internal components were made in-house.

      Common sensor failures are the internal MAP sensor, Fuel Pressure Sensor, Fuel Temp Sensor, and Manifold Temp. Software failures are usually a loss of program due to electrical fault, crossed Compuvalves from a swap out, and internal circuit board delamination.

      As for high pressure regulators, my recommendation is to keep hands off! You will not be able to get rebuild parts and have the capability of testing the regulator with an inert gas at full pressure when completed.

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