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Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

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  • Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

    Hi there,

    My crown vic failed emissions testing and has a check engine light for a lena condition on the driver's side bank of cylinders.

    Does anyone know of a good cng ford mechanic in socal? someone mentioned a taxi-cab mechanic one time but i cannot find them.

    thanks, -Paul

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    Re: Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

    Paul, I've been happy with Fairway Ford in Placentia...the have a seasoned CNG specialist we all use. Mike Super Shuttle #691


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      Re: Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

      Ford West - closed at old location - had a CNG mechanic - maybe at their consolidated location @ South Bay Ford 5100 Rosecrans Ave Hawthorne, CA 888 404-7135

      (Pacific Ford - I've been told by their service department once again has a CNG tech. Weekdays only.)_ Apparently the Pac Ford CNG guy has moved to the Ford of Orange. 2/26/08

      Apparently there is a Ford dealer in Alhambra that alot of the Super Shuttle guys use, maybe someone can chime in?
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        Re: Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

        Depending on where you are at, the Ford Dealer in orange off the 55 and 91 has a good mechanic. They are pricy, but good.

        Frank Q.


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          Re: Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

          I have spoken to the owner at this shop in HB, but I haven't need to use them or anyone yet. He was very helpful on the phone, answered some CNG questions for me before I bought and I have heard good things about them.
          I plan on trying him when I need service.

          17092 GOTHARD ST
          (714) 842-3017


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            Re: Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

            Alhambra is Bob Wondries Ford. They do fleet vehicles for LA City & County, so they are old hands at CNG.



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              Re: Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

              FYI guys, to save others from what I went through.

              I would not recommend Robins Ford in Costa Mesa for CNG. I had taken my Crown Vic there for a diagnostic on a misfire when I first got it.
              They said that I had rattling valve guides, and recommended further diagnostics and possibly a valve job.
              I had a second shop look at it, and they found it had 2 bad coils and some bad plugs. We replaced all 8 coils with MSD Ignition coils, and installed new Autolite XP103, and now she runs great.

              I am now negotiating with Robins for a refund of what I paid for the misdiagnosis. (and my Zantac and "anti-heart attack" meds )


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                Re: Socal Mechanic for NGV Crown Vic

                I had a similar problem with my 97 CV.. failed emmisions, run lean code, etc. A new set of spark plugs, and new O2 sensors fixed me up. Something like this wouldn't necessarily require a CNG tech, as it probably not related to the fuel system.
                1997 Factory Crown Victoria w/ extended tanks ~~ Clunkerized!
                2000 Bi-Fuel Expedition --> ~~ Sold ~~ <--