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Fill valve leaking

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  • Fill valve leaking

    I noticed a gas smell on my 2000 bifuel ford today.After smelling around I found that the filler valve was leaking.(I could hear it once I got close).
    Anyone know what to do about it?

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    Re: Fill valve leaking

    Try refueling the car. Connecting and disconnectint the filler one or more times can clear out debris that keeps the check ball from seating properly and sealing the nozzle. Best of luck.


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      Re: Fill valve leaking

      Thank you for the advice,
      That is What I'll try.
      I wonder if a shot of silicone or wd40 would help.
      I will try it without first so has not to contanimate the system.I just had it flushed and a new filter installed.Don't want to clog any arteries.


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        Re: Fill valve leaking

        Curtis D,

        I moved your thread into the Ford Vehicles Forum so that others could find and respond to it directly. I have had a similar problem on my Cavalier. I just reconnect the filling hose a couple of times and that seems to do the trick.
        Mountain Green, Utah
        2003 CNG Cavalier
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          Re: Fill valve leaking

          Thanks Everyone,
          I hooked it up and cycled the pump 5 or 6 times.It kept on leaking till I let it pressurize fully(pump was showing 3000 psi).It took 10 gge and seemed to stop leaking for now.
          Kind of interesting if the fueling receptacle valve is leaking like that ,there is still alot of pressure while it vents.The first time I put .5 gge in and the filler nozzle gave quite a POP. I learned to let it vent till you don't here it.
          If anybody else encounters the receptacle nozzle not closing let it vent through the pump before disconnecting.


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            Re: Fill valve leaking

            I have a fill valve for a contour. If yours does end up leaking.