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GFI II installation manual

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  • GFI II installation manual

    For all of you bi-fuel frustrated Ford Fiends, I've posted in the forum library most of a GFI II (stand alone system) installation manual. Many of the same components are used on the bi-fuel Fords. The information may help understand the system, it operation, maintenance, and maybe diagnostics.

    Each chapter is numbered (e.g.; GFI II 5A FMON) The number after the "GFI II" is the chapter number and letter would indicate that there is more than 1part. Again, file size limitations. More than 11 pages would put the file size over the 5Mb limit,

    What I didn't put in was the parts description chapter and the data reconding sections. I will post them also if it is needed.

    There will be more stuff coming as I get it scanned

    Have fun