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Do not use seafoam in a Ford F-150

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  • Do not use seafoam in a Ford F-150

    Ok,I had to try the seafoam flush and now wish I didn't.
    It still starts and runs fine except when I let off the gas while driving it jerks.It never has done this before. It almost feels like the jerk you get sometimes when you run out of cng and it goes to reg. gas.

    Now does anyone know how to flush this stuff out? Do I have to take the compuvalve off and clean it? Is there some other area I need to look at? I already tried the alcohol flush. Any help?

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    Re: Do not use seafoam in a Ford F-150

    Sounds like it's misfiring, did you fill the filter cup with it or did you put it in through a vacuum hose? If you filled the cup you may want to replace the filter element. I'd Fill the filter cup with Motorcraft fuel injector cleaner and run the engine for about ten minutes.