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hard starting f-250 duel fuel hard starting fix props and jeers to utah cng shops

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  • hard starting f-250 duel fuel hard starting fix props and jeers to utah cng shops

    had a hard starting ford on cng. basically would have to start it up on gas and warm it up for awhile (5 miles in summer 15miles in winter) then turn off to get it to go cng
    eventually it was even having a hard time idoling.

    brought it to ford@9w and 13 s-they flushed it. $500 ran no better, had it for 4 days
    diagnosis needs new compuvalve

    brought it to ford @ 90s and 200 w 3 days later
    needs new spark plugs, 75% sure it will fix it

    got new spark plugs at tunex 45s and 13 e $500

    no better

    now im thinking gotta be compuvalve and reada tsb about replacing low flow injector valves in compuvalve

    cng technologies of utah 801 -637-4570

    They were aware and familiar with the 3-10-3
    they cleaned valves no better
    reccomended replacing low flow injector valves
    i said ok
    they replaced the low flow injector valves(two black diaginal on pass side of compuvalve. basically overhauled it
    started right up!
    3 hours in and out. no wait.
    it was an $800 dollar fix $550 of that being parts (250 for valve x2)
    they cant fix circut boards but i think if you do have a bad compuvalve it is definatly worth the roll of the dice to see if they can fix it. They dont have 100% rate but they say 75%. why would a circut board go bad anyway? they also do oil changes and injector cleaning. I would recomend them. they were very fair and they sucsessfully diagnosed/ fixed my truck when the dealerships couldnt. btw boo ford, the tsb 3-10-3 on the low flow injectorsvalves was there on the valves when i brought it in the first time, I dont expect them to be majic, but i do not think they are familiar with this bulliten. never considered,mentioned or reccomended by either dealer to me. I spent $800 for nothing at ford dealerships and would have spent $3200 on a new compuvalve, i am sure they would have had me do a few other things first so $3200 was best case senario.. I think it is reasonable that that should have been looked at and in hindsight

    This cng stuff is new and when you see an up and comming shop it is important to give props. kudos cngtecnologies of utah

    side note they also showed me a teqniqe for swiching over on gas, Everyone who has one knows that these duel fuelfords can be a little stubborn on cold morningsif it is having a hard time starting on cng. start on gas throw cng switch, rev engine as rpms are falling flick ignition off then on real quick(.15sec as quick as you can), not too far or youll engage the starter.

    Also went to start it today cold morining , actually got it to run without warm up! truck is now for sale, as i dont need it now drop me a line if interested 99 f-250 ext cab 4X4 130,000 $7500

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    Re: hard starting f-250 duel fuel hard starting fix props and jeers to utah cng shops

    Thank you for taking the time to post this information. It is appreciated.