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Noob to Truck, Towing questions

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  • Noob to Truck, Towing questions

    We've been using a parent's truck when we tow our 5th wheel, but we're going to be losing access to it so now I'm in the (Utah) market for a Bi-fuel truck... Would you all mind helping me with a few Q&A please?

    The 5th wheel is 36' with the following factory specs:
    Unloaded Dry Weight: 9216 lbs
    Hitch Dry Weight: 2040
    GVWR: 12192
    Additionally, it can be filled with up to 46 gallons of Fresh Water, so best to plan on that weight and 4 adult passengers in the truck.

    My questions if you can help me, please:

    1. What models can correctly and safely tow the above? We will also occasionally add a trailer with a couple ATV's behind the 5th wheel, so I really do need some "extra overhead capacity". I think even the unloaded dry weight exceeds the F150's rated towing capacity. I am absolutely not looking to burn out a transmission or something by trying to get by with something that "could" get the job done but isn't designed for it.

    2a. Looking on KSL cars, it looks like there is a price jump on the F-series somewhere between 2000 and 2004 regardless of other factors such as mileage, so 2b:

    2b. Are there model years to try to prefer and avoid because of known issues? I don't want to throw away money just to get a newer model year, but I'm not afraid to buy a newer model to keep away from problems known to be common in older models.

    3. I already searched a bit here, and saw some people mention to have the Compuvalve checked, is there any other tips to keep in mind?

    4. Does the factory warranty cover everything or are F-series trucks aftermarket conversions? What model year/mileage would still have a warranty on the Compuvalve or other expensive items?

    5. Anything else I'm too noob to think to ask, feel free to comment thanks!

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    Re: Noob to Truck, Towing questions

    16,000 LBS...... Truck + trailer + cargo ? It's time to think Diesel. Most of the used GSA bifuel fords were F250 long bed std. cabs.


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      Re: Noob to Truck, Towing questions

      I would look at a 1 ton. You would not be happy with CNG in this towing application - to much loss of power. LP would work with an old big block that are not around any more

      You would do much better with a diesel as was mentioned.

      I tow 28 ft 5th wheel at 10,000 lb, grossing out at 16,500 pounds. The 460 on LP tows well with the appropriate fuel consumption of 6 mpg on LP and about 7.5 to 8 mpg on gasoline. Been doing it for 11 years with this rig and 30 years with our own RV.

      Hope this helps


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        Re: Noob to Truck, Towing questions

        Do you fill LP gas at any Propane tank facility that does BBQ grill tanks?

        If you get 75% of the mileage on LP Gas, is it still ahead in $/mile compared to Gasoline prices? Isn't Propane over $3/gal?