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Compuvalve mounting and thermal issues

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  • Compuvalve mounting and thermal issues

    Hi, it seems I have heard the Contours have the Compuvalve sitting down underneath the chassis. I have a converted bi-fuel Crown Victoria which has the compuvalve under the hood and it does not run properly. The main thing that seems to happen is that the vehicle won't start when it is hot after a long drive. I suspect that with this placement that it is subjected to high temperatures which it cannot deal with. Can any of the gurus out there share an opinion?

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    Re: Compuvalve mounting and thermal issues

    All OEM CV's will be dedicated with no compuvalves, an aftermarket bi-fuel will also have no compuvalve this is a Ford product (GFI to be exact). Unless some took a GFI system off another FOrd and put it on your vehicle. If that's the case may the force be with you. On a more serious note when it does it to you again check the fuel pressure at he fuel rails that may lead you directly to the problem. I've sold alot of OEM CV's .

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      Re: Compuvalve mounting and thermal issues

      I appreciate your response. Yes, I am very familiar with the factory dedicated Crown Victorias since I own 2 of them. The vehicle I am talking about is a 1996 PI model with a regular gas tank and and a single 3600 tank in the trunk with GFI compuvalve sitting up near the right front strut. There are dated and signed conversion documents under the hood so I assume that the City of Mesa had this guy convert the vehicle presumably under what I believe is called option 3.

      I guess it could be a fuel flow problem in the rail, but if the vehicle sits around for a few hours and I have to assume the key factor is it cools off then it will start and run fine.


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        Re: Compuvalve mounting and thermal issues

        Sno-motion diagnosed my F150 as having a failing compuvalve- it doesn't run on CNG when it gets hot under the hood. Now I ice it down, and it helps. I wish I knew what was "failing".

        Ed at Champion Ford found and fixed my problem, a failing ground.
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