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  • 1997 Crown Vic Info

    Hi, I am doing some research for my father in laws crown vic. Ive been seeing that people with 97 vics can get a conversion kit but I cant tell from what company. He lives in Northern California, but can travel pretty far to get the conversion done.

    Heres the info Im trying to get:

    Is the kit for 97 Crown Vic for a dedicated car or possibly bi-fuel?

    What is the relative price of the kit?

    Where in California can the conversion be made?

    Thanks everyone!


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    Re: 1997 Crown Vic Info

    The 1997 Crown Vics you see here are not conversions. They are Factory built Ford CNG Vehicles. I am unaware of an EPA Certified conversion kist for the 97 Crown Vic, though you should check the sticky threads in the Vehicle Conversion threads to double check.

    As for the factory cars, they are dedicated CNG vehicles, with 2 cylinders underneath where the gasoline tank would have been, and two at the forward end of the trunk. It is very common to see two extra tanks added in the trunk down where the spare tire would have been. The vehicles were all originally purchased for fleets, so most are either former police vehciels, or taxis.
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