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2001 Ford van stalling

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  • 2001 Ford van stalling

    Had eco cng kit installed in my van in Aug 06 and now and then the van would stall at 40phr and down to 15phr coming to a signel, drove the van back to SLC from Mapleton at least once a month for them to put the van on the computor, it works ok but the stalling got worse it would maybe stall 4 or 5 time a day coming up to stop signe ect so I told my self I am going to have the car put on the computor and that is when found out the FREASH AIR SENCOR was bad which made the van stall from not enough air going into the mixture. and all these trips to SLC could have been saved if only someone knew about the freash air sencor. $ 600.00 to fix and walla no stalling.