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Non-CNG Repairs on a Bi-Fuel Truck

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  • Non-CNG Repairs on a Bi-Fuel Truck

    I have a relatively high-mileage bi-fuel truck which runs fine right now. I know that eventually it will need transmission or engine work. Will I need to take my truck to a CNG mechanic for any of that work or can any shop change out a transmission or engine and leave the CNG system alone? Has anyone had any experience here?

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    Re: Non-CNG Repairs on a Bi-Fuel Truck

    Some of the expected maintenance requires removal of some CNG components. E.g., changing the coil packs and spark plugs like you may want to do at 100K. You might find someone else to do the work, but I was more comfortable having a shop that routinely works on alt fuel vehicles do the work on my daughter's bifuel F150.
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      Re: Non-CNG Repairs on a Bi-Fuel Truck

      So a dealership that has CNG mechanics or a CNG shop would be best. Good to know. That's what I figured, but I thought I'd see. Does anything from the CNG system touch the transmission, for example?


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        Re: Non-CNG Repairs on a Bi-Fuel Truck

        I don't think there is anything of the CNG system that touches the transmission. As far as tune-ups, a lot of people are afraid to touch the cng components is they aren't qualified. If you are in the SLC area, PM me and I'll give you the name of a certified Ford CNG mechanic who does stuff on the side. He replaced my compuvalve and saved me about $500 over the dealer price.