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  • 91 Ford Taurus


    My friend picked up a 1991 Ford Taurus used about a year ago, but neither of us were aware of this forum's presence up until now. However, we're both starving students, but I have some experience fixing cars and want to help him fix it.

    1. Every once in a while, the check engine light will come on and off while driving. What is the most common CNG-related reason for pulling a CEL?

    2. I know that for an older Mazda, you can short-circuit a couple of lines and have the check engine light blink in sequence to reveal the code, but how is it done in a Ford? I ask because the stealership wants almost $80 to pull the code and AutoZone only has ODBII scanners .

    3. An everyday mechanic, without using a scanner tool, told him that the code was for running rich, but what is the proper air/CNG ratio (to kinda put a pun on A/F)?

    4. Even before the CEL drama, his car feels relatively weak in power for a V6, notably poor acceleration (esp. when the car is in motion) and a bit of throttle lag. Is this because of the CNG setup, or was it because this car running too lean/rich even before the CEL?

    5. How long does an average CNG converted vehicle with 2 big tanks in the trunk run on every refill? I can't remember how much, but I remember that his DTE (Distance To Empty) is roughly 200-300 miles.

    I know that these questions kinda point towards running rich, but I just want to be sure I'm not leaving anything out?

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    Re: 91 Ford Taurus

    If you want to try the "Parts Changer " method of troubleshooting, make sure the spark plugs and wires are good , cng is harder to ignite than gasoline , then try a new 02 sensor. Older 02 sensors can get "lazy" ( work ok, but have a slow responce time). Good Luck.


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      Re: 91 Ford Taurus

      Thank you. Also, how does fuel filters fare, or is there none? Sorry to kinda ask n00b questions, but I'm fairly handy around gasoline engines, but not too familiar with alternative fuels.


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        Re: 91 Ford Taurus

        Anybody able to answer?


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          Re: 91 Ford Taurus

          I would recommend making sure the CNG filter is clean. Also, you can run cleaner through the system to clean out the injectors or solenoids if they need it. If it's an automatic transmission, I make sure that is working right, too.