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Newbie!! Tank Size???

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  • Newbie!! Tank Size???

    I just bought my first CNG truck!! Its an F150 fleet truck from the city of Long Beach. I got it on the cheap, because the tanks and fill valve were missing. I would like to start with the tank under the bed, it has the brackets under the bed. I was wondering if you guys know what size that tank should be?? Thanks, any info is appreciated!!

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    Re: Newbie!! Tank Size???

    Bi-fuel F150s have 12 GGE tank in the bed right behind the cab... I'm not sure, but if this has brackets underneath it may have been a dedicated CNG vehicle (I don't know what size tanks would go under the bed)
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      Re: Newbie!! Tank Size???

      My 03 F150 is dedicated and has 3 tanks. One under, two in the bed. They are all the same size. My brother has same truck only bi-fuel and has a 12 in the bed. I believe my total capacity is about 22.5 gge or 85 liter which would make them about 7.5 gallon.


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        Re: Newbie!! Tank Size???

        I should clarify that my truck is a 96. Reading some of the posts about the GFI stuff, sounds like I might be in a mess!! Should I just pony up and update my system?? Thanks!


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          Re: Newbie!! Tank Size???

          I would bet that the compuvalve is bad. Once the compuvalve went bad the city would just run them on gasoline. I was always amazed how quickly the tanks were removed. there is a good chance the under tank was a type I.