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Bifuel F150 won't keep running on CNG

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  • Bifuel F150 won't keep running on CNG

    Wondered if anyone else is experiencing my same issues I'm having with my truck?

    It will start on CNG just fine, runs great for awhile. Then at some point, usually after stopping the engine for an errand then getting back in to go, it will start on CNG, I'll throw it in gear (automatic), and I'll have very little power. Then the fuel guage starts to drop rapidly, and it switches over to gasoline. I try restarting, it usually starts on CNG again, but usually doesn't stay on CNG (then I finish the errands on gasoline). Next day, it runs good for awhile, then craps out again. The fuel system has been flushed, and new plugs and filter installed at Champion within the past few months. I've had leaks in the CNG system-one a blown o-ring down by the fuel filter (replaced), and sometimes a leak in the filler nozzle (cleaned, but has leaked once or twice since the cleaning).

    Any ideas what it could be?

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    Re: Bifuel F150 won't keep running on CNG

    Here's an update for anyone that cares-Jared at Sno-Motion says it's failing circuitry in the compuvalve that is causing the problems. FYI. Bummer!