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  • dedicated f150 maintenance

    I got my 2002 f150 about a year ago with 60k miles on it and its been running good. I've put about 20k miles on it and all I've done is changed the oil. What I should be doing to keep her running right? I'm in southern california, anyone know a good cng mechanic and a good ford dealer that works on cng?

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    Re: dedicated f150 maintenance

    Bob Wondries Ford in Alhambra , Villa Ford in Orange.

    If it starts running rough , get to the shop asap , don't risk a melted catalist from misfire.

    I found out the hard way with my '00 cng crown vic, catalist got so hot it melted the carpet!


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      Re: dedicated f150 maintenance

      The fuel injectors on the dedicated Fords don't like CNG compressor oil. It gets hot and gums up the works.

      When you take it in to have the Racor HP filter element changed out, ask them to detach the LP hose from the regulator. Let it hang a few minutes and drain all the oil collected in the LP side. It's not in the book, but I can tell you this simple step will save you a lot of grief. I have poured out several cc's of oil from the LP line, yet the Racor HP filter bowl was dry.

      You don't need to take it into the dealer to do this. Simply pull the fuse from the box under the hood (the one the owner's manual refers to as the fuel pump - it's a 10A fuse in position 10, I believe), start the engine and in about 45 seconds it will stall out. The fuel pressure in the system is now about 40 psi, and you can safely loosen the LP line from the regulator. It's an o-ring face seal with a normal clockwise to tighten thread. The o-ring is trapped in a tapered face groove, so it's awful hard to drop or lose.

      Other than that, make sure the tanks have current inspection. It's required every 3 yrs / 36,000 miles. They are Faber composite tanks, and most of the time, the serial numbers are hard for an inspector to read. It took 4 hours to have my tanks inspected on my 2002 F150 dedicated.

      Finally, check those tires. Mine are still the originals, and although there is plenty of tread left, I'm going to have a new set put on. Six years is about the age limit for tires - after that, I don't trust them. Check the dates on those tires. Here's why:

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