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  • E85 & cng

    I am looking at a F150 that is bi fuel.. Cng and E85 is there any compatibility problems with an E85 engine that is also cng. I have seen many reg gasoline engines and Cng. any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Re: E85 & cng

    The real difference between gasoline and E85 vehicles is the liquid fuel tanks and lines. E85 is very corrosive and regular gasoline lines are destroyed in short order. I don't know where you live, but in California, there's only one public E85 station (San Diego), but there is another going up in the Bay area... So you'll have a choice if you live in Ca. E85 is most prevelent in the mid west. Any liquid/gaseous fueled vehicle loses the advantage of the cng. the Civic GX runs at 12.5:1 compression. Most compression ratios in liquid fueled vehicles are too low to take advantage of the 130 octane of CNG, thereby getting less power (and distance). E85 only goes 65% as far on a gallon as gasoline, and by the time you went the other 35%, you spent more than a gallon of gas costs. You only see that type of inefficiency in Gov't vehicles. So, look for a GSA auction.


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      Re: E85 & cng


      Thank your for the info. I am in the Midwest. (iowa) The only cng station available is at the Metro links bus station. In negotiating with them. They were unable to come up with a price under $7 a gallon for cng. Due to various city, state, gov taxes. So my only option is to search for dual fuel vehicles. It is my intention to install a fuelmaker (cost to dispense will be about $1.30 but I will need the gasoline option as a backup). I believe that there is a definite market here in East central iowa but no suppliers.


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        Re: E85 & cng

        If they try and sell cng for $7 a gge, they should be arrested for price gouging... or robbery... or rape.... or something!