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Contour wont start on CNG

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  • Contour wont start on CNG

    I have a 1999 Contour that won't start on CNG mode. The Green light is on steady, but I don't hear the tank turn on. I have checked the only two fuses that I know about which are on a panel next to the firewall on the drivers side.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Contour wont start on CNG

    We just bought 1997 ford contour and had the same problem. We found out some had rewired the light and sensor so the green light would always be on (to make it appear that the CNG was working). Look under the dash for spliced wiring... we just cut the wire that was chained over. Now the the green light blinks and we can figure out the error code. It also show that it is switching over to unleaded.