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  • Ford Conversion-Would You?

    Brand new to this forum and was looking for information on converting my 2001 F-150 to CNG. After reading many of the posts, I am a little concerned. I see a lot of problems with failure to start, engine faltering, transmission clunking, etc. How many of you would go down that path again? It appears (although I'm sure it is a small sample) that this technology is just not up to snuff yet judging by the posts. Do you experienced users think that the benefits outweigh the problems you experience? Or, are these problems I read about just the exceptions and not the rule? I haven't reached the tipping point where I want to do this. On the contrary, the posts have gently pushed me back from this technology. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Ford Conversion-Would You?

    You are probably reading about factory F150 CNG trucks, not conversions. A conversion would be prohibitively expensive if you could find someone to do it.

    You are going to read about all the problems here because people come here for answers before going to the dealer or finding a CNG mechanic.

    There is concern that the cost of CNG parts and repairs can eat up the fuel cost savings (or more) -- I think it's largely a matter of luck.
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      Re: Ford Conversion-Would You?

      Originally posted by freedml View Post
      -- I think it's largely a matter of luck.
      I agree 100% If you're lucky, you'll have problem free operation for tens of thousands of miles... if not, you'll have a regulator go out on your 2000 F150 and find that the best you can do is get a $1000+ replacement regulator with NO warranty.

      Good luck!
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        Re: Ford Conversion-Would You?

        Thanks for your insights folks.......I attended a wedding reception this weekend whereby the caterer indicated they were late because they had to go fill up with natural gas at .63 a gal. They also indicated their van conversion was $2,000 and that is what prompted me to seek advice here. Thanks again.