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Compuvalve for a 98 contour

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  • Compuvalve for a 98 contour

    I purchased a 98 contour not to long ago, shortly after that the check engine light came on, and the GFI light started blinking, also I could smell natural gas. I was told to take it to Champion Ford, where it spend the better part of a month. The high pressure regulator valve, and filter was replaced. I took it home, and all seemed to function fine, exsept I could still smell natural gas. Yesterday I jacked up the car, pulled the skid plate off, started the engine and squirted soapy water all over everything in the regulator, filter, and compuvalve area. Well the bubbles started forming around the compuvalve, it looks like were the two haves mate together. I tried calling Tom at Champion Ford with no luck, he must a be screening his calls. Can someone tell me if the compuvalve can be resealed. If not were can I buy one. I recall the last thing Tom told me. Your lucky you don't need a compuvalve, because they don't make them anymore. Is that true?

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    Re: Compuvalve for a 98 contour

    I am currently working with cng technologies on a compuvalve issue. I would give them a call. They seem to know them as well as anyone. It seems like the Ford folks have disdance for them whenever I talk to them. 801 637 4570 is the number posted elsewhere on a thread for them.