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  • Compuvalve Problem

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to the CNG world as of a few months ago when I purchased a 2001 F-150 bifuel pickup. I've been driving it problem free until tonight. I'm out of CNG and had been running on gasoline for 1 day, but now the vehicle won't start. The problem started when I manually flipped the switch over to gasoline before starting the engine. The battery/starter etc. seem to be functioning properly, it just won't turn over. I'm wondering if its possibly the compuvalve not switching the fuel system over to gasoline when I flip the switch. Any help out there?


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    Re: Compuvalve Problem


    No quick answers but maybe a suggestion. The GFI/Compuvalve system does have self-diagnostic capibility. If you can get it to a CNG technician, he/she should be able to check the computers for any set codes.

    Easier said than done, but your best bet.



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      Re: Compuvalve Problem

      Any recommendations on a Utah CNG mechanic?


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        Re: Compuvalve Problem


        This might get kicked but, I just talked with an old friend, Dave Duey at:

        Semi Service, Inc.

        N.G.V. Vehicles

        Customer Service

        1111 South 300 West, SLC, UT Phone
        (801) 355-9255

        They are hosting the NGV training class there next month and might be able to help.



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          Re: Compuvalve Problem

          Read down a few posts. There's a very good CNG Ford specific mechanic in SLC. He replaced my compuvalve and is certified.


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            Re: Compuvalve Problem

            When you say will not turn over, does that mean it cranks OK but won't fire?Do you have any codes? I have a 2001 Ford also and starter died suddenly, I think the compuvalve is for CNG only Bob B


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              Re: Compuvalve Problem

              When I say it won't turn over I mean just as you cranks just fine, but won't start. The problem seems to be sporatic and I have found a ford technical service bulletin (TSB) that I think addresses the problem. The document states that when the "low flow injector" on the compuvalve gets stuck the vehicle will crank, but not start. Look up TSB 03-10-3. There seem to be a number of articles about this in the Ford TSB library.

              Thanks for all the input everyone.