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Found CNG mechanic in Salt Lake

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  • Found CNG mechanic in Salt Lake

    I thought I posted this earlier, but it disappeared?
    He is a certified professional.
    PM me for my experience. I am not affiliated with him, other than had him replace compuvalve.
    Max Blair

    Sorry. I thought I must have done something wrong and someone removed it for some reason. Apparently I just previewed earlier post instead of submitting it.
    His name is David Fackrell and his contact is [email protected]. You can tell him you were referred by Max Blair, the guy he replaced the white F150 compuvalve for. I liked him, thought he was honest, and cost less than dealer, but was able to get me done in 3 days.
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    Re: Found CNG mechanic in Salt Lake

    Did he repair or replace and either way what was the cost?


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      Re: Found CNG mechanic in Salt Lake

      He diagnosed, then replaced. It cost cost me a little under $2200 for everything.