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Need help with new GFI unit 95 E-150

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  • Need help with new GFI unit 95 E-150

    I found a guy in phx with N.O.S. GFI units...bought one and installed it.
    It didnt come with any papers accept the owner manual which is useless.
    It starts and runs but has this 3second intermitent shutdown thing that makes me think it needs programed or calibrated!~

    Its the same axact model of GFI that came out of it so you would think it would be plug and play?

    IS THERE any one on this planet that knows these things?

    I can't believe how hard it is to get any info!

    Its like a BIG SECRET!

    I stopped at a local alt. fuel shop on tues and tried to get something from one of the techs and all he could do was say talk to these guys in texas!
    I am in phoenix!


    Alant in Mesa AZ (NEXT TO PHX)

    [email protected]

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    Re: Need help with new GFI unit 95 E-150

    so I feel like i am talking to myself on this forum, but since I have no were else to talk I will just continue in the hopes that someone will chime in sooner or later.
    I got the new system going after rearanging a few of the plugs ins.
    I can actaully drive in CNG mode but it lacks power at mid rpm range as itf it fuel starved.
    I think that if I turn up the regulator it may help but would prefer not to touch it untill somone confirms my idea.

    Alan in Mesa AZ