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Recalls on Ford CNG Vehicles

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  • Recalls on Ford CNG Vehicles

    I found old recall notices on the web yesterday for my 1997 Contour. After contacting Ford Fleet service I found out about a Ford Website where you can enter a vin and see if there are any outstanding recalls. In other words, did the former owner(s) have the recall service performed?, click "Recalls" on the lower left-hand side and enter your vin.

    BTW: I'm still waiting on them to get me window sticker information and cng system manufacturer for the 1997 Contour. I'll post whatever I find.

    Here's the recall info:

    Defective part or component: FUEL:CNG:SHUT OFF VALVE

    Description: Vehicle Description: Bi-fuel vehicles modified to run on either gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG). The natural gas fuel tanks have a solenoid shut-off valve that stops fuel flow from the fuel tank in the event of certain moderate to severe collisions. If the vehicle is in a collision and the natural gas fuel line is damaged, the system could leak natural gas. Fuel leakage in the presence of an ignition source could result in a fire. Ford has requested owners of these vehicles to have the CNG fuel system disabled under a previous recall campaign and to only use gasoline fuel until a permanent corrective action is developed. Owners are being alerted to this solenoid valve concern at this time. The timing of corrective actions is being delayed to allow both conditions to be remedied at one time. In the meantime, there is not risk as long as the natural gas system has been disabled and the vehicle is only operated on gasoline.
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    Re: Recalls on Ford CNG Vehicles

    Honda came up with a permanent solution to this problem: a manual shutoff valve and a solenoid that 'opens' when the car is on, so it automatically closes if the car is shut off!
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      Re: Recalls on Ford CNG Vehicles

      Hi i was wondering if anybody know where's is located the "manual shut off" on an 98 ford contour
      thanks a lot


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        Re: Recalls on Ford CNG Vehicles

        I believe the manual shut off valve is located under the vehicle right below the right front passenger. There should be a red valve that turns a 1/4 turn.
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