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Compuvalve Replacement (Out of Warranty)

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  • Compuvalve Replacement (Out of Warranty)

    Has anyone out there replaced the compuvalve on a vehicle that was out of warranty? My F-150 needs a new compuvalve, and it is out of the 80,000 mi warranty period.

    I am getting code P1640 from the PCM (indicating an error code in the AFCM), and code U1262, SCP bus communication error, from the AFCM. After going through the required pinpoint tests and compuvalve pre-replacement checklist, everything points toward compuvalve replacement.

    I have heard that the part costs $1700 - $2000, but the two Ford dealerships that I have talked to (Champion and Five Star in Scottsdale) quoted me $3,074 and $2,728.

    Please let me know if you know of a source for less expensive or remanufactured compuvalves.
    2001 F-150 5.4L Bi-fuel
    7700 Extended Cab

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    Re: Compuvalve Replacement (Out of Warranty)

    The price you were quoted is for Re-Manufactured Copuvalves. They charge $350 core charge on top of those prices! I have ended up ordering a valve from Ken Garff in AF. $1500 for a Cord Contour compuvalve. They are out of stock at the werehouse. I was told the part will not be in untill August some time! By the way there is no waranty and this part!!!