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Fuel filter for 2010 F150 with IMPCO Plug & Drive CNG conversion

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  • Fuel filter for 2010 F150 with IMPCO Plug & Drive CNG conversion

    Until recently, my wife's 2010 F150 has been running on gasoline only. At least for the past two years. Mostly her choice of convenience since gasoline was generally under $2 for the past few years. I don't have that option for all the Honda GXs. Well ... Biden has managed to send gasoline and diesel on a path upward and locally gasoline has climbed 50 cents in less than 2 months. Today I went to check the CNG system since I got a feeling we will be seeing gasoline and diesel prices near what is was during the Obama years (probably worse) and the system switched and ran fine but I could smell a leak. After looking and smelling around I determined the emergency shutoff valve was leaking around the valve stem. I ordered a new valve (manufacturer/part number on valve body Parker Hannifin 4A-B6LJ2-SSP) and while I was looking for the leak I saw the fuel filter and thought to myself - I should probably replace the filter since I do not recall ever replacing it. Here are the Truck's details:

    2010 Ford F150 bi-fuel
    5.4L engine
    IMPCO (Sequent Plug & Drive) CNG conversion

    Does anyone know the filter manufacturer and part number I need for my vehicle? Best place to get would be nice to have as well?

    Thanks in advance.

    Update 3/2/2021:

    I crawled up under the truck a little further and there was a BALSTON label on the filter housing. Looks like this is Parker-Balston now. I still could not find a part number for the filter - it may be in a location I cannot see unless I remove the filter. I'm going to order filter element Balston part number 050-11-BQ since that is my best guess based on sellers saying this fits all Ford Van & Trucks with the factory bi-fuel option. If this is incorrect, please let me know.
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    I'm guessing you already thought of this, but perhaps others have not and might find it useful. Whenever I can't see something like a part number when I'm working on something, I usually consider trying to see if you can get your cellphone at a different vantage point to take a picture of portions I can't see from my available vantage point.


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      ChicagoNWSide - That is exactly what I did, good advice. I also have an update on my problem (emergency shut-off valve leak). The new emergency shutoff valve was scheduled to arrive today so I removed the original from the vehicle. After I removed the handle and got it out of the truck I noticed it had a valve stem nut. I cleaned the valve off tightened the valve stem nut/shaft (it was not very tight, looked similar to a male valve packing nut) put it back in and no leaks. Guess I should have done this to begin with since that new valve cost me $60. Went for a test drive and got out the soapy water to check for any fitting leaks - non found. My wife's truck is back on CNG now. I was noticing gasoline prices on my way home and they are up another 10 cents ($2.59 in Overland Park, Kansas). It was under $2.00 in December. CNG is $1.29/GGE at Kansas Gas service in Overland Park, Kansas. New valve arrived 4 hours later.