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2004 F150 Heritage (dedicated) no start

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  • 2004 F150 Heritage (dedicated) no start

    I'm replacing the expired tanks in the bed on my sons 2004 F150 (65,000 miles) (dedicated CNG) with a newer Worthington tank I bought on eBay for $250. I have cut off all the weldments on the bottom of the main plate, transfer drilled the mounting holes from the orginal brackets, and welded shims for the new mounting holes.

    I routed the fuel line thru the bed with a bulkhead elbow. (it fits really nice).

    Now the truck will crank but will not start. I did notice it was idling a little rough when cold before I opened up the fuel line to reroute the plumbing thru the bed. It will run poorly using starting fluid.

    Any ideas what I should look for?

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    The truck started an hour later. I must have flooded it with the starter fluid after it failed to start normally.

    Is there any special procedure for starting a CNG vehicle after the fuel line is depressurized?


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      Hi, I just bought a 2004 F-150 Heritage XL CNG. I am only getting 150-160 miles of range. I thought it's supposed to get over 300 mile on a full tank(s). I read somewhere that may be one of the tank has been shut off, but I want to check with you to see what rang you're getting on your 2004.


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        If you are low on fuel then do a fast fill up the tanks should increase in temperature . If only one increases the other one probably is the problem.