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BiFuel F-150 problem switching to Gasoline mode under load - Filter?

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  • BiFuel F-150 problem switching to Gasoline mode under load - Filter?

    Have 2001 F-150 BiFuel which runs great - if only driving VERY conservative. But changes over to Gasoline mode at the slightest increase in acceleration (even with a full tank).
    My thinking is that it might be the coalescent filter but finding the right one....
    So I share the info here for anyone to find.

    There is only a high-pressure filter which has the label:
    P/N A1-412, Max Pressure: 3600psi and Replacement Element No: A1-413
    the maker is GFI Control Systems, Inc. Canada.

    On Rockauto they list Motorcraft FG1088 {#4W739176AA, 4W7Z9365AB} for CNG, which looks like for a dedicated CNG only, not for a BiFuel CNG filter.

    Contacting my local Ford Dealer I got the following info for the complete assembly: F6AZ-9155-AD and for the Filter: F8CZ-9155-AAGF.
    But both no longer available.

    it's a Balston 050-11-BQ Ford Bi-Fuel CNG Coalescent Fuel Filter

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    Suggest you give them a call (now Westport Power) to see if it is the same Parker element which most natural light duty gas vehicles use today.


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      Update, I switched the filter element but has not much changed on the first issue. Switching over to gasoline under load. Could it be the Regulator?
      What are the symptoms of a regulator going bad?
      The label states is a P71-100, are there other regulators I could use instead?