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Convert Engine with Carbueretor?

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  • Convert Engine with Carbueretor?

    I'm afraid I know the answer, but my '77 460 has a carbueretor. Can it be converted to CNG?

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    Re: Convert Engine with Carbueretor?

    {reference to illegal product removed by moderators} seems to be able to do that...
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      Re: Convert Engine with Carbueretor?

      Yes it can.


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        Re: Convert Engine with Carbueretor?

        There has been talk you can modify the fuel system, (CNG), on an auto over 30 years, with little or no hassle from EPA, Feds or State. (Thinking of Utah here). With all the talk about EPA approval and what shouldn’t be tried or done…… You know where I am going with this, I think. (No need to talk about CNG systems that would be illegal or not approved for this application.)

        If the above is true, what kit or conversion can be used on a 1974 Ford 460? Carbureted, old ignition system with points and condenser, mechanical timing with vacuum advance. And of course, no fancy computers to work with or around. Meaning, the absences of type whatever OEM boards. Can’t violate the rule to not mess or interfere with something that isn’t there!

        Good looking old truck with 65,000 actually miles. Hauls long heavy loads four or five times per year and maybe more with the right fuel and correct fuel system.

        Short Question: Who makes a system/kit that can be installed while staying with-in the rules each government agency imposes?