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GFI system in a 95 ford van not working

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  • GFI system in a 95 ford van not working

    Newby here!

    I've been trying to get my GFI system working again for obvious reasons.
    It stopped working about 1.5 years ago. It would shut off and still read on the gauge as having CNG and I would have to turn the valve off and release the gas pressure to get to revert over to RUG.
    After a few times of letting me down I just stopped using it.

    My mechanic disconected a few things that I reconected this am but am getting no action at all out of it.
    I do show 12v in a few placed and when I pull a plug or two I can hear my fuel pump starting so there IS some response but the gas unit it self is not changing over to CNG.
    Ive e-mailed GFI for a repair manual but ofcourse have not heard back.
    Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated.

    AlanT in Mesa AZ
    91 E150 work van with inline 6 and 3speed trans

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    Re: GFI system in a 95 ford van not working

    Ok, so after tinkering for a few days I got life out of it after filling up at a 3600 psi pump!
    I just need to put the nossles back into the intake tubes.
    The only problem and I am sure it why it stopped working.....
    The filter is plugged and looks likes its never been changed~
    Ive spent al day looking for a filter and ya know if you dont have a part no., the guys at most auto stores just look at you like yer crazy!
    This thing lookes like a refrigeration filter dryer and if all else fails, I will plunk it down at my local a/c suplier on MON to see if they have one!
    I will attemp to attach a pic or two incase anyone would like to poke at an idea as to were to find it. I E-mailed GFI in canada a week ago about a manual and have not heard back so I assume the filter need will also be a waste of my time.

    ANY and all replies will be greatly appreciated.

    [email protected]
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      Re: GFI system in a 95 ford van not working

      Well I took matters into my own hands and cleaned the filter with alcohol and its works great!

      I am now having problems with the way the engine is running and have no way of knowing if the GFI system affecting it or if it's just an engine issue.
      it runs crappy on CNG or reg gas.

      GFI inc is not responding to me as far as diagrams or any manuals available for this system.

      I find it hard to believe that with all the thousands and thousands of units installed all across this country how hard it is to get any info!



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        Re: GFI system in a 95 ford van not working

        Well kiddies, after rebuidling my ignition system I find it was the relay pack on my GFI system is messing up my timing.
        In the long run..the van is running real smooth now so I will prob get better mileage. I ripped apart the relays that are glued to the fuse relay board and have to manualy operate one of the relays to get the thing to run right.
        I can get the CNG to work intermitantly for about a 1/2 hour then it stops and then I have to pull over, switch a few things under the hood to get back to reg gas.....I am motivated more cause CNG just went down 30cents since my last fill up two weeks ago!

        I wish I could get SOMETHING to refer to on how some of these systems operate. Theres this saucer looking thing with two orange wires that was just dangling under the hood that I think was glued to the radiator to sense the temp of the engine?

        I would love to talk with SOMEONE somewere who knows this system as GFI refuses to return my call,E-mail or FAX...I wonder if message by pigeon would work?

        Any and all reply's greatly appreciated.

        Alan in Mesa AZ

        [email protected]