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Any news on convering diesels?

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  • Any news on convering diesels?

    We have a 08 Civic GX and a 08 F250 Powerstroke - talk about extremes!!!
    Any news on converting diesels?

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    Re: Any news on convering diesels?

    Not sure what you are meaning by "news" whether more information than previously posted here, or any information you may not have seen.

    I'm sure there are several here who will add to this, but here's maybe a start that hopefully may help.

    There are basically two ways to convert diesels that I am aware of.

    First, is a full conversion which I believe creates a 'dedicated' vehicle.
    This requires a spark system installed, including replacing diesel injectors with spark plugs, system to time and fire the spark plugs, and sometimes engine changes involving decreasing compression. I am thinking somewhere I read the ideal compression ratio for this change is 16:1. As you can imagine, this can be a fairly costly conversion. Even with diesel going over $4 per gallon and still climbing, one would need to weigh if the $13,000-$15,000 dollar cost would be regained in savings over the life of the vehicle.

    The second is a method I'll refer to as fumigation. This is a much simpler change and gives you a mixed fuel (diesel AND CNG), or straight diesel fuel vehicle. The CNG is injected, or fumigated as it's referred to, into the intake air stream. Because this uses the burning of the injected diesel fuel to ignite the CNG, a new ignition system is not needed. There are already systems like this in use that inject propane into diesels. Because the diesel fuel on this system is used mainly to ignite the CNG, the ratio of diesel to CNG is claimed to be in the range of 20:80. I have seen these systems advertised for $1850 (plus the cost of a tank and installation) after doing an internet search of "diesel to CNG conversion".

    As I said, there are many on this forum who know far more than I do on this and hopefully will add to this.

    Good Luck!!



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      Re: Any news on convering diesels?

      Thanks Max!


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        Re: Any news on convering diesels?

        I met up with these guys at a NGV gathering last month.

        The folks at SNO-motion in Utah are good friends with them, but I am not sure if they are doing anything with this technology in the US market.