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F-150 Bifuel high pressure regulator cost?

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  • F-150 Bifuel high pressure regulator cost?

    Does anyone know of an affordable source for the factory high pressure regulator?
    Symptom: The vehcile will run great on CNG starting cold in the morning, but then switches over to gas in somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes. It will then no longer start in CNG until cold again.
    The diagnosis was to replace the regulator. This is quoted as a >$1000 part (of questionable quality as they will not warranty the part; suposedly, the company is out of business and the only source for parts is from Ford stock somewhere).
    Any ideas for other sources for parts? Also any thoughts of other possible issues that may look like a regulator failure? Thanks!
    2008 GX (extended range, trunkless version)
    Polished Metal Metallic 2012 Civic Natural Gas
    Fuelmaker FMQ-2-36 (since 2001)
    Previously owned: 2000 GX (11 years), 1995 Bi-fuel Sonoma, 2000 Bifuel Tahoe, 2000 Bi-fuel F150