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E series van service questions.

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  • E series van service questions.

    Hello, I have 3 CNG vans and recently read the "sticky" about rough idle crown victories. After reading I decided to see if I could see if it applied to the E series vans. Under the van I could see 3 tanks that were tied together and entered the filter, however I could not determine how to shut off the supply from the tanks so I could relieve the pressure to service the filter and possibly do a injector cleaning as describe in the "sticky".

    The filter is before what I am assuming is a high pressure regulator.

    Does anyone know how to shut off the pressure from the tanks on the E series vans?

    Is there any good Service Manual for the CNG system on these vans?

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    Re: E series van service questions.

    The shut off should be on the drivers side frame rail. At least that's where all the ones that i have worked on have been. (Will PM you)
    As for the service manual you'd have to contact the manufacuter, i.e. BAFF, GFI, and the likes.
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      Re: E series van service questions.

      I was talking to a CERTIFIED CNG TECH today and he told me the Ford E series vans have electronic shut off valves. They need power and ground to open. So to shut off the valves just disconnect the connectors at each tank and run the system dry or disconnect the battery and bleed the pressure from one of the fittings on the high pressure side.