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95 Caravan Catalytic converter

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  • 95 Caravan Catalytic converter

    I have had a number of CNG Caravans and loved them all.
    I have had a few fail NOX during smog checks and have never been able to get them to pass California smog due to the 49 state converters not being allowed in California and the gasoline one that is available does not do the job.
    The dealer says a CNG one is needed but is no longer available.
    Does anyone know where I can get a California legal Catalytic converter for a 95 CNG Caravan?

    The local smog shops are convinced the gasoline one is the same but I have never been able to get one to work.

    I sold the last vans because I was sick of fighting with the California arbitration board and the out of state new owners say they flew through smog in their states.

    Any ideas? I love this Caravan and want to drive it for years.

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    Re: 95 Caravan Catalytic converter

    Try CNGMIKE. I think he had the same situation , and got a waiver from a smog referee. A lot cheaper than putting on a new gasoline version cat with no improvement in test results.


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      Re: 95 Caravan Catalytic converter

      I wound up selling it as parts vehicle to a man that has 2 other Caravans. Steve Long was the one who got the waiver.


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        Re: 95 Caravan Catalytic converter

        I am in the middle of a second waiver on the same car. As far as I know, the cat is still not available. Your car should be Test Only for smog. The CNG model had a unique cat of larger capacity, due to the lack of an EGR system on this car, as I understand it. The process is you fail SMOG, then apply to BAR under the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP), since you're Test Only. Any SMOG CHECK place should have the details/form for doing so. After CAP approves you for $100 subsidy (by mail only both ways), you go to a Gold Shield station for diagnosis (about $200 total). If it's just the cat, they search for the part, don't find it, and tell BAR so. You call BAR and they have you search for it. You don't find it, call them back, and they search for it. When they don't find it, they approve you to go the a referee (another $60 or so). Referee checks out the entire system, SMOGs it again, then gives you the waiver for the cat (parts waiver) and you can register. BTW, once it fails, you should be able to get a free red temporary registration extension permit for free, if you need the extra time to get through the process. The process takes a few weeks. That's been my experience. After two years, repeat.

        All of this assumes the car was previously registered in California. Bringing in a car from out of state and trying for a waiver might not work.