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1994 Dodge Caravan - possible regulator problem

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  • 1994 Dodge Caravan - possible regulator problem

    I have a 1994 Dodge Caravan that was manufactured with a CNG engine. I have owned for a few years and have had no problems until a few weeks ago. I heard a hissing sound coming from underneath the vehicle - driver side. I have not driven it since, fearing a safety issue. On a related thread, someone diagnosed a problem with the pressure regulator.

    I am not comfortable working on the engine to diagnose the problem, unless I have clear instructions and that there is no danger involved. Does anyone know of a repair facility that can check this out / repair the faulty item. I am located in Orange County, Calif. Also, is it dangerous to drive to such repair facility or should it be towed. Obviously, with as old as the vehicle is, I am not comfortable putting lots of money into it, but it has been a very reliable vehicle to this point and would like to repair if not too costly. I use it for commuting as an allowed vehicle in the car pool lane.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated

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    Re: 1994 Dodge Caravan - possible regulator problem

    Mike, smart move. If there is a hissing sound, for safety sake, don't drive the vehicle. You use Ultra Ivory in a 1 part soap to 4 parts water in a spray bottle to check for the exact location of the leak

    Also check this web site, there are a couple of members in Southern Cal that do CNG vehicle repairs. I think CNG cars is one.



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      Re: 1994 Dodge Caravan - possible regulator problem

      Did you solve this problem? I have a 95 Caravan in Long Beach