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94 caravan, faulty coil pack.

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  • 94 caravan, faulty coil pack.

    I have been having issues with going through Ignition coil packs. In the 5 years I have owned this van I have gone through 4 coils. The last one lasted 2 months. Any Ideas what could be causing this?

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    Re: 94 caravan, faulty coil pack.

    The coils on the Caravan (I am assuming you have a 3.0) should have 1-2 Ohm resistance on the primary side. When running your current should be approx 6-8 Amps. You should have 1.55 to 2.0 ms on time.
    Use a lab scope with a low amp probe and check rise time and max amperage flow.
    In cases like yours you will usually find the module or PCM has a bad current limiter allowing excessive current flow, which burns up the coil pack. Put on a new coil pack and it will run again --- until it burns up. The problem with multiple coil failure is usually not the coil --- you are fixing the effect and not the cause. I suspect you are flowing 11-15 amps. Another possibililty could be a bad ground, but that is another diagnostic story.