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very hard starting when very cold

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  • very hard starting when very cold

    I still am running a 318 with factory setup everyone that I have had has been hell to start when it gets below 20 degrees. so I came up with the idea to feed it propane to start it then switch to cng.As propane it has so much more range of explosiveness and higher btu kinda like a choke. so last week I got a chance to try it.I put a switch in the low pressure solenoid so I can kill the cng to the fuel rail. than took a stove gas regulator fitting for a propane tank and put a check valve than a jic#4 fitting on it. than I got my old r12 ac gauges out and hooked the lp hose to the test port on the fuel rail and the center hose to the propane tank the first cold morning it did not work as at 0 I had only 40 lbs of pressure. so the next night I took the bottle inside and took it out and hooked it up in the morning.It was 72 degrees. it had 85 psi in it. it was 1 degree outside. left the solenoid off and turned the propane on hit the key and it started on the first or second compression stroke I let it run for about a 2 minuets and turned the propane off and turned the cng solenoid on and it ran fine all day. this is a van that you think you are going to kill the starter before you get it started when it is cold. I am thinking of trying mounting the tank upside down anyone got any thoughts if liquid propane would hurt the injectors?

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    I didn't think you could get liquid propane from a barbecue style propane tank. Either way, gaseous fuel injectors will not work properly with liquid propane ahead of them. The good thing about your idea is that it will work just fine using vapor because you're only using it very briefly and the tank will not freeze up and lose too much pressure in a short period of time. I've run my Civic GX on propane from a barbecue tank, but it won't go very far because the tank freezes up and the pressure get's too low.
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      the problem is if the tank stays in the van all night the pressure is to low to push the propane through the injectors as it to is cold to boil

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    When you refill small disposable propane cylinders from BBQ tanks, you always do that with the BBQ tank upside down--plenty of liquid comes out.


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      Cowboy, pull, clean and re-screen the became better with my ford fleet afterwards