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Thread: New owner, 2002 Ford dedicated

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    I know this is an old thread, but, I can see that I am not by myself on fill up issues. I have a 2002 Ford dedicated with 3 tanks, 2 in the bed and 1 underneath, and the most I have been able to get in it when it's at Empty 9.5 and all that I read says I should be holding 27 gallons. On top of the tanks it says 99L can anyone tell me the size of these tanks.

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    A 99L tank at 3600 psi ,with a slow fill from 0 psi will hold about 8gge. That being said, pulling into the station and quick fill when your dash gauge on empty, will have a typical 6.5 gge for each tank.......... It sounds like one of your tank solonoid valves is bad. It will allow the tank to fill , but will not allow fuel to flow out.

    Another thing that can reduce capacity is oil buildup inside the tank from stations with poor compressor maintenance.

    Please seek a qualified shop on this. Venting and changing a tank solonoid valve is not a do it yourself job. This task can be fatal if not done carefully.
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    The most I have ever been able to put in a 3 tank F-150 is 16+ gge when at Empty on a fast fill.

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    Thanks Lakewood90712 and clnbrnr1- I will get it checked out!

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