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Thread: The Last Ford Ranger

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    Default The Last Ford Ranger

    The short run of 2012 model year ended in December 2012 .

    Too bad the Global Ford Ranger will not be available for North America.
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    For Orkin, the end of Ford Ranger may have negative effect on "image" of company they've built.

    However, overall story here is Ford refused to improve it's own product much over 20 years!! Competitors like Datsun (now Nissan), Toyota, Mazda (now Ford partner), Suzuki, etc. all brought better small pickups to market in USA, and executives (including Ford grandson himself) sat on their thumbs, and blindly gave up market share.

    Can only hope this is signal of real change where USA gets new innovative products (including someday a bi-fuel and dedicated small pickup), while rest of world gets the dated design of old Ranger . . . . RIP the last Ranger.

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