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Thread: Auction for expiring CNG tank full of fuel

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    Default Auction for expiring CNG tank full of fuel

    FYI - there is an auction (http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/auc...iew?auc=520882) for an expiring CNG tank that is full of fuel. This seems like a disaster waiting to happen. I am actually seeing these types of sales and auctions by private sellers on eBay, KSL and Craig's List quite often, but never by a government entity.

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    Default Re: Auction for expiring CNG tank full of fuel

    I thought I'd seen some very stupid things in my life, but this takes the cake! I have a nomination for Idiot of the century

    I wounder if they would sell a full oxygen tank without a cap?? and that is only around 2,200 PSI. Keep an eye out for a UFO

    You will also notice they will not ship the cylinder. I wounder if they have checked with the local fire dept.

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    Default Re: Auction for expiring CNG tank full of fuel

    I think they are working on a new rocket just ship a bad tank not bolted to anything if it comes apart new rocket or bomb and the goverment doing it do as I say not as I do.what is new they would lock us up if we did what they do can you spell oak ridge

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    Default Re: Auction for expiring CNG tank full of fuel

    Im not sure why someone would pay much for an expired tank, but assuming the tank is in good condition, the safety valve screwed shut as a precaution (=two shut valves) , and the tank is secured properly for transportation- what is the difference between that and what we all do every day? I think you are over reacting. Ive had to routinely transport stuff much more dangerous in the past (ie, high explosives),
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    Default Re: Auction for expiring CNG tank full of fuel

    Wish I'd have seen this earlier, looks like someone got a good deal for $25:
    $20-25 Fuel
    $25-50 Brackets
    $25-30 Scrap Steel (250 lbs)
    $25-50 Valve & PRD (NO Expiration Date) or value of brass

    Don't always jump to conclusions about the uselessness of used/expired tanks. I take in all used/expired tanks. I de-fuel and re-use all CNG. Purge and degrease inside of tanks and strip the fiberglass wrap off type ll & llls.
    I'll let you know in the next few months how I am recycling them. It's pretty cool....
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    Default Re: Auction for expiring CNG tank full of fuel


    The auction ended without bidders and is likely still available (contact info of seller is in description - they are in AZ).

    My main thought when I posted my original concern was the potential for an uneducated buyer to purchase the tank for use in a CNG automobile or in another application (I have online ads selling used CNG tanks as paintball tanks, air compressor tanks, etc. I have also seen ads for people that claim they have had them re-certified for another 15/20 years, offer a re-certification service and/or coat the original tank to hide the manufacturer's label and tank service life information.) There are not many potential buyers that would have the education and experience to safely vent the fuel from the tank, etc.

    It is great that you have a method for recycling the expired tanks. Obviously there are some items associated with the tank (valves, PRD, scrap metal, etc) that make the recycling of expired CNG tanks an environmentally responsible and potentially economically viable option. Recycling like you suggest ought to only be done by people with the appropriate education and experience to do so. High pressure systems have their own unique safety risks that general backyard mechanic may not fully appreciate.

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    Default Re: Auction for expiring CNG tank full of fuel

    Thanks Luke, I'll look them up.
    I understand your concerns fully, which is why I am driven to educate everyone I can get my hands on.
    Just like with High Voltage, once you come to know, show the proper respect and not fear for the beast, the more the useful ways of using it become obvious.
    And by all means, stay vigilant and on the lookout for the snake oil sellers, we have no shortage of ruthless people associated with this business that we need to look out for.
    Your Friendly Nazi Squirrel Administrator

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