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    I have a vehicle (1998 crown vic, technocarb fogger system) that will not start on cng anytime the battery voltage drops below 11.8 volts. I have traced it to the high pressure shutoff solenoid. i have several places to call for parts, but the technocarb people will not answer or return calls. Any ideas where I can buy parts?

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    Check Gann Products in Downey, Ca. They have darn near everything in generic parts.

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    Technocarb was sold in 2004 to a new owner. The company is now called "Technocarb, 2004". The emphasis is on newer technology and they have supported the older EFS systems, to a limited extent.

    I had one on my personal truck for close to 150,000 miles trouble-free, with the exception of replacing two O2 sensors and rebuilding the vaporizer/regulator once a year (on propane).

    I am surprised they did not return any calls but they did change their phone number when they took over ownership, take a look at their website for additional information. I have found them open and easy to talk to, but like all companies, they have a product to sell and support for older systems may be limited.

    Back to your original question. 11.8 volts is or should not be a problem for a solenoid, unless it has gotten oils inside the pin and seat which may be solidifying when cold. This voltage drop is quite a bit above most ECM thresholds of around 9.5 volts. If jumping a wire from the battery direct to the solenoid helps opening it, you can always install a relay.


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    Thanks for the information & I will call the new number. I installed a relay when it first started being a problem and it worked for quite a while. Currrently, the problem is when cranking and battery voltage drops. I suspect it will continue to get worse -- it is acting like a bad solenoid in a Roosemaster/Stanadyne diesel pump when they will not start --- there sure were a lot of injection pumps changed for $$$$$$ when all it needed was a $25.00 solenoid.
    I had four Fluke meters set on min/max to check voltage and voltage drop to isolate the problem. Their shut off solenoid is integrated into the regulator so those I have in stock will not work.
    Thanks again
    Stan M.

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