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Thread: Smog check in ca

  1. Default Smog check in ca

    Seems like someone made a mistake in legislation
    and now DMV tells me that I have to smog my Honda GX...
    Yet 14,000 lbs CNG vehicle are still exempted.

    Or get some kind of paper from Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR in Sacramento) saying that my car is exempt.
    I did call BAR (1800 952 5210) and “expert” Glen explained that
    14,000 lbs is a bus and if we divided emission produced between 80 passengers…. and so on, but today I’ve seen a garbage CNG truck without 80 passengers on board….
    He also compared burning temperature of NG and LPG!? (NG burn.temp. twice as lower)
    At the end he gave me phone number to schedule a smog check because not all smog check stations are equipped to test my car!... (1800 622 7733)

    I filed a complaint here (tel. 1866 799 3811)

    Meanwhile getting deeper in the subject I found this:
    (no comments)

    My car produced 10% of any Hybrids emission
    I have NG stove inside of my house as many others, this is safe and clean energy.
    And I’m not an idiot!
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    Default Re: Smog check in ca

    CNG light duty vehicles are subject to the same smog check rules as gasoline or propane. This is nothing new. I have had no trouble getting smog checks when due on a '00 cng crown vic and '01 gx. My '08 will not be due for a few years.

    A cng vehicle can have problems causing excess emissions.

    Test equipment at any CA smog check station can test your car. The tech may have to search a little in the test software for the correct setup.

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    Default Re: Smog check in ca

    I don't know who the BOZO was Kika was talking to, but he is way off base.

    Most of heavy duty vehicles (over 14,000 lb GVWR), on natural gas are, commerical vehicles and these vehicles have very rarely been SMOG checked mainly because they were diesels. I have seen some rare situations where a large truck was checked because it had a gasoline engine (549 cid International). Any vehicle over 10,000 lb GVWR has to have 2 speed idle test (no dyno) test in addition to the visual and functional tests

    The phone number (...7733) is the referee scheduling service, and that is for problems or "weird" vehicles. Lakewood is right on the money, any smog station can handle a CNG vehicle and there in no evap test on dedicated vehicles. The exception would be a conversion coming in from out of California, they would have to go to the referee if the conversion did not have a CARB E.O. number. If the conversion has an E.O. number, it doesn't not have to go to the referee. If a bi-fuel vehicle is smogged it tested "as received", on whatever fuel is was running on when it came in the door.

    The "SMOG machine" is menu driven. When the menu for vehicle fuel comes up all the tech has to do is click on the on which the vehicle is operating. The choice of fuels changes the "cut points" for passing the test taking into account non reactive hydrocarbons in the fuel and by-passes a couple of tests. There is also a menu that asked if the vehicle is bi-fuel.

    Several years ago, new vehicles were exempt from smog checks for the first five years of life (big mistake), unless it was sold; then it goes into the 2 year inspection cycle. If I figure correctly the 2004's should be coming into the smog test cycle to get the registration renewed

    If you want information on California Smog Check you can look up

    There is more information on that site than you want to wade through


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    We believe in what we like to believe
    I believe that any CNG has to be smog exempt just because NG is clean burning oil.
    LPG is cleaner then Gas.
    NG is cleaner then LPG(what is Gas refinery product)
    We can compare, just to realize the differences ….
    NG burning temperature is lower by 200C! and so on…

    Sure enough it’s recognized in CA:
    At least where is my 15 years or 150 000 miles?

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    You can complain all you want, but you will still have to get a smog inspection every 2 years in California and this will never change, if it did, it would be every year. I have had 2 done on my GX and it passed with flying colors. I wanted to scan/post it here, but their printer must have been low on toner cuz it's hard to read.
    BLUE 09 GX

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    The hybrid exemption is because Sacramento hasn't figured out how to run a smog test for a vehicle that can run on batteries.

    When I took my Contour in to get tested, the service guys were fighting over who was going to run the test, because they had never smog tested a CNG vehicle before.

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    I’m not just complaining HERE.
    There are authorities and senators to complain, web pages...
    How surprising that CNG passing the tests with “flying colors”? It does not surprise me.
    There are people who decided on that rule, obviously unqualified and illiterate, just greedy.
    What I’m doing is looking for like-minded men who will find a minute to make a phone call…
    post a complaint … do something.

    If someone knows what wheels to turn – let me know

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    The smog test is just as important on CNG vehicles as on gasoline vehicles. It is there to monitor for degradation in the emission control systems, which can happen on a CNG vehicle just as easily as on gasoline.

    And FWIW, my 97 vic DID fail a test a couple years ago on high HC. A tune-up got it in the numbers, but this just validates the reasons for the testing.
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    Default Re: Smog check in ca

    Son of a gun, There is someone that understands one of the reasons for SMOG checks.

    Yes, CNG engines just like any other spark ignition engine, does deteriorate in terms of performance - and maybe a bit quicker because of the increased demands on the ignition system.

    To take it one step further, that is why we have the regulations from the EPA on conversions. When we doing this in the early '90s people did not pay attention to the conversion, in terms of tail pipe emissions -- they just thought that natural gas was naturally clean. Like any mechanical system, engines petrol or NG require good and regular maintenance to maintain them top condition and running clean. Letting things go will cause a cascade deterioration effect on other sub-system and in the long run increase repair costs.

    Our SMOG is officially and Inspection and Maintenance (I & M) program. It basically forces individuals to (somewhat) maintain their vehicles in proper operating condition. Some need the because they missed something in their regular maintenance program and some need a kick in the glutes because they just don't care. Being in the SMOG program for over 40 years, I've seen a lot of it

    Thanks for the comment Crazy


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    and how about this:

    >The following vehicles are certified to the "Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle >Standard (SULEV)" and are 90 percent cleaner than the average new 2005 >offered for sale in California. In addition these vehicle also receive credit as >"Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV)" or as "Advanced Technology Partial >Zero Emission Vehicles (AT-PZEV)". Vehicles receiving the PZEV credit have >near-zero evaporative emissions and their emission control equipment has a >15-year / 150,000 mile warranty. Vehicles receiving the AT-PZEV credit also >make use of "ZEV-enabling" clean technologies such as alternative fuel, >electric drives or other advanced technology systems.

    taken from here:

    and why 14,000 lbs CNG is exempt?
    less pollution?
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