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    I don't know if anyone would be interested, but attached is a spreadsheet I use to search for CL items. You type in the search terms (seperated by spaces), min and max price (or just "min" and "max" if you don't care) and it produces results for an "opml" file, which can be imported into an RSS reader.

    Next step is to copy the results into a text file and name it <something>.opml. Then use an RSS reader with import functionality (I use "GreatNews") and import the opml file. This will give you an entire list of feeds for your search terms and any cities you included and will constantly monitor Craigslist for what you're looking for.

    It's def a raw concept...I just use it personally for my own uses but figured I'd offer it if anyone wants an easy way to track a bunch of CL sites.

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    Thanks Curtis. I'm on expenditure lockdown, so no new car right away. Thanks for reaching out though.


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    Wow, wicked useful links. thxs guys

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    I thought I remembered saying this already, but perhaps it was in another thread. You can also search all craigslist sites in Google for CNG by searching for:


    I set up a box that does this search on

    CNG Vehicle - 2002 Honda Civic GX - The latest prices at CNG stations near you - Prices and station locations for CNG, E85, Biodiesel and more!

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    For those in Utah you can search KSL car classifieds with this search on GOOGLE (CNG "Car Classifieds"

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