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Thread: CNG Civic Replacement parts?

  1. Default CNG Civic Replacement parts?

    I have a 2000 CNG Civic. I'm told I need to replace my Fuel Pressure Regulator Assembly and that the price just for the part through the dealer is about $2000!
    Anyone know if replacement parts are available anywhere else for CNG Civics. Haven't had any luck finding any online. Thx
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    Go on the web.
    I have purchased parts from bernardi , hondapartscheap, and majestic.

    All three are authorized honda dealers with genuine oem parts, 25-30% off of list. All three sent first quality parts by internet order.

    For something like the regulator, you may have to call them, as some parts are available, but not on the on-line catalogs. The internet guy at bernardi is in a different part of the dealership , but he will go to the main parts counter to find a part # for you to order.
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    Isn't that under emissions warranty? Check it out before you spend your hard earned cash.

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    Thanks for the help! Not under warranty, but Bernardi's quoted $500 less on the part, then when I called back a local Honda dealer, they were magically able to get it within 24 hours for about the same price. I'm moving forward on it and will reply again if any hiccups. good recommendation.

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    In California there is a 150k/15year warranty on CNG and emissions related components. Most service managers don't know about it. Federal is 70k I think.

    If you pay for the part, get the old one back. I have done some research and would like to try to repair failed Honda CNG parts. I have had one regulator and two fuel senders fail (mysteriously about $2k each to replace) and all have been under warranty so far so no 'cores' to refurbish.

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    The 98-00 GX's only have the normal 80K emisions warranty. The 01-08's have the 150K warranty. I had a 99 GX and the FPR was going out also, ended up selling it at a loss. The FPR is easy to replace let me know if you have any questions.
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    Ok, right, because it's not considered a PZEV...

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    I am interested in the symptoms of the fuel pressure regulator going out.

    I have a 99 GX. I've recently observed signs that my FPR may be failing. The vehicle works well enough if operated on flats with little call for quick acceleration. Get on steep hills and speed cannot be maintained. The engine bogs down and fails to maintain power.

    In the past this has indicated bad injectors. Cleaning them or replacing a bad injector has fixed the problem. In this case, there is no obviously bad injector. So, the problem is likely either a clogged cat or a problem with fuel delivery.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on the matter. If you'd be so kind, post here (so the rest of us GX'ers can benefit) and email me at

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    Question Re: CNG Fuel Pressure Regulator - high miles?

    How many miles do you have on your GX? My 2000 model is at 180,000 miles and the dealer says I need a new regulator and pressure sensor for over $3k installed! Will bring the pricing from Bernardi and Majestic to see if I can negotiate a lower parts price.

    I guess at 180k I've gotten enough use out of it to justify the expense (and it's hard to think about giving up the HOV stickers), but I wonder if this is the first of many expensive failures that will come up. The gas models are very reliable, but the value of a '00 LX is about the same as the cost of this repair.

    Anyone have a higher mileage history of what else might break?


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    Default Re: CNG Fuel Pressure Regulator - high miles?

    I had an HPR go at around 100k and a fuel tank sender go around 50k I think. Both covered under warranty, otherwise around $2k each.

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