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New CNG Station In Nashville, TN

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  • New CNG Station In Nashville, TN

    I went out to the new HQ of Piedmont Gas in Nashville today. They have installed a very nice and easy to use CNG refuelling station. The machine takes a credit or debit card. For after hours access Piedmont will issue to you an access card. You must fill out an application for the access card. Call Piedmont Gas and ask to be connected to Rusty Aldridge (615-872-2371). He is their automotive CNG guru and a very personable and informative guy. Piedmont Gas is the major gas supplier to the Nashville area. They have a fleet of CNG powered vehicles and are purchasing new ones all the time. At their pump the price includes the Tennessee 18 cent per gallon road tax. There is pending legislation in the Tennessee House to rebate the tax somehow, although considering how crooked our politicos are chances are good the gasoline lobby will pay them off to quash it. Getting to the station: You can plug directions into your GPS or Google. Google Satellite map shows only an area under construction. It is within about 2 miles of the Nashville International Airport and right off of the Interstate. The station is located at the end of the Century Blvd cul-d-sac. You will drive past the Piedmont HQ building and to a set of very imposing security gates, which were open when I went through them. You will continue about 100 feet to the actual motor pool area for their vehicles and another set of imposing security fences. Just drive on in and act like you know what you are doing. I went around to the pumps and one of the guys there said "well, gollee! didn't know them there Knee-saans had that Gas thang .. yee haa!" (I was driving my 1992 Nissan Pathfinder). Gas pumps quickly and $1.65 per gge. BTW, unleaded gasoline in Nashville is running about $3.75 per gallon right now.

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    Re: New CNG Station In Nashville, TN

    Does anyone know if the Nashville CNG station provides 3000 psi or 3600 psi or both?