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    Hello everyone!

    I purchased a 2002 Chev Cavalier in August of 2008.(recieved my vehicle in November, 3 months after purchasing it from NY. Long story that I'm still not happy about) I am enjoying the lower cost of fuel and really appreciate the amount of support given through this site.

    ~I smelled a NG leak from the time I recieved the vehicle, I have isolated the leak to the small breather which is part of the LPR and diaphram.(I think thats what it is called) My normal car mechanic wants to replace the whole kit. Cost is $500 for the part. Can this be rebuilt? Also, I would like to start servicing the vehicle somewhere in Utah County by certified Natural Gas Mechanics. Any suggestions?


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    Re: Newer Member 1st Post

    The diaphram in the LPR is cracked and/or leaking unforetunately GM does not sell just the diaphram you must replace the entire LPR. You can patch it with some silicon but I'm afraid it just won't get you very far. I used to have the part number for it, but no longer and I have no cavs on the lot right now. The GM part # will be on the LPR somewhere. Use it to order a new one from this site it will be the cheapest you'll find other than used. WWW.GMPARTSDIRECT.COM
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      Re: Newer Member 1st Post

      Welcome to the world of CNG...$500 is getting out easy.


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        Re: Newer Member 1st Post

        I know that Impco makes a repair kit for the LPR. Alternative Fuel Systems, Inc. has it listed for $112. The part number is RK-PEV-2. This comes with the silicon diaphram. I have attached the price list from Alternative Fuel Systems, Inc. The part is listed on page 8.
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          Re: Newer Member 1st Post

          Thank you,

          Wow! What quick responses and great input. I'll report back after I get the problem addressed.



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            Re: Newer Member 1st Post

            We rebuild them here for $380.00 that comes with a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty. That seems to be the most common problem with the cavaliers. We also clean the mass gas sensor and flush the system while we are in there that is included.
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