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    I recently purchased a 2001 Ford Econololine. I have no idea how long it has been sitting but the vehicle wont start although the fuel gauge indicates its full. What could the possible problems? If i spray "quick start" into the intake manifold it starts but dies shortly. I need help

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    I purchased a used 2011 F150 bi-fuel back in August. I assume (perhaps mistakenly) that your Econoline is a retrofit. Is it bifuel? I have found that my truck is harder to start in cold weather, so I shut off the CNG system until the engine is warmed up.

    I posted here and was advised to seek out a mechanic that was familiar with CNG systems. I called the installer of the CNG system and they referred me to a local mechanic who took care of a minor issue.

    I recommend that course of action.


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      A Tennessee CNG/LPG conversions repair shop posted to cngchat Nov 2014 - two addresses come up in a search for the name Mach Fuels. Both have the phone number (423)805-7777:

      6501 Lee Hwy, Ste 110, Chattanooga, TN
      3333 Saint Elmo Ave, Chattanooga, TN



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        it could be something as simple as the fuse for the system is blown or plugged filters. check for power at the fuel tank valves. put multi meter across the wires and have someone turn the key on most systems will get power for a few seconds to pressurize the fuel rail and then it will go off till you have oil pressure as a safety. remember KISS (keep it simple stupid) it will save much money checking the simple first. check that all wires are plugged in. if you need tanks I have a bunch that are good till 2031 and 2032 my number is 423-871-1106