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    Well I'm new to the cng group and option. I bought a state wildlife dept truck at auction that is a 5.3 chevy with dual fuel gas and cng. I will have a number of questions along the way. looking forward to learning and getting this vehicle back to prime shape. Right off the batt the questions I have now are (1) do these dual fuel vehicles have a switch that you switch or does it do it on its own? (2) the cng gauge is broken and would like to replace it, what do I need to look for.
    Thanks in advance..

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    Welcome to CNGchat!
    What model year is the truck? As it is the 5.3 liter then it was a conversion (Chevy did and does OEM builds on the 6.0 liter since 2012). What is the conversion manufacturer's sticker under the hood say? Most of these had a CNG/Gasoline switch integrated into the CNG fuel gauge...


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      John.. its a 2013 bought from the wildlife dept. I don't yet have the vehicle in my possession waiting for funds to clear.. LOL when I get more info I'll share more thanks for the reply?


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        Also the conversion manufacturer is Impco.


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          Here is the owner's manual, where the fuel selector switch integrated with the fuel level display is described on page 11.