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Natural Gas Powered CNG Compressors

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  • Natural Gas Powered CNG Compressors

    I would like to install a small CNG Station for our business use. It has been determined that a 20 HP Ingersoll Rand system would fit my needs.

    We do not have the ability to get 3 phase electric so the option is a 50 HP phase converter or a smaller compressor. (but i have been told not to do this from a couple of people)

    I was hoping It was feasible or possible to run a compressor on a smaller natural gas engine. it would seem to me overall it would be cheaper to operate or am i way off base on this?

    thanks for your suggestions.

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    Contact Joe at Bright Energy, LLC in Corona, California. He builds large, single phase compressors. email
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      There were many IR H-20 packages that were powered by Ford 300/6's If you are in So. Ca. I do not know what the AQMD requirements are anymore. I can say A Natural gas drive is more maintenance intensive than an electric drive.


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        I did call Joe and talked to him.
        Thanks for the lead


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          I thought of that idea but i seem to struggle in my mind that I would be spending money on gasoline to save on CNG.
          It just seems like a weak link to a system.
          I am still working on the electric motor route.


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            I checked with a local packager and in the AQMD area that if you stay under 49 Hp with a natural gas diver that is is smog exempt. Check with Jack at S-W Compressor he might be of help.