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2015 Silverado 2500 HD Dual Fuel CNG Broke! Please Help

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  • 2015 Silverado 2500 HD Dual Fuel CNG Broke! Please Help

    Hello all, I stumbled on this site while looking for repair information for my Silverado 2500HD. I am in Clearwater FL and I am looking for someone who can either reasonably repair my CNG vehicle or point me in the direction of how to do it myself. The local dealer has charged me $300 to diagnose my issue and wants $1700 more to repair it. That just isn't in my budget right now and I miss my CNG.

    Essentially, right after I refueled the cng tank (within a mile), the engine quit and wouldn't restart. I had it towed to the dealer and found that if they disconnected the high pressure cut off valve and replaced the fuel pump fuse (#19, 20 amp), it would run on regular gas. They determined that part number 22990934 (high pressure cut off valve) was bad and needed to be replaced. At $130/hour shop rate and $1000 for the part, it was just to expensive for me to repair.

    I got to thinking that maybe the valve isn't bad but maybe a solenoid that controls the valve (or are the valve and solenoid combined)? I can't find a manual and Chevrolet won't help either. I love the CNG aspect of my truck! Especially with regular gas at current prices. I would sure appreciate some help or insight. Thanks, Pete

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    Check the warranty info about emission controls - that has a 8 year 80K mile coverage. I understand it covers some CNG components, but you probably will need to involve GM customer relations for specifics if the dealer is denying it. You did not indicate how many miles or years of use since the purchase date, which also affects coverage. Good luck!
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      Your truck uses the same GFI valve that GM has been using for years. The price of $1700 doesn't seem too bad to fix it as the valve itself (when I bought one several years ago) was over $700. Add to that the fact that you have a full tank that needs to be defueled and the danger that is involved to your life when you take the valve out and for some reason the fuel wasn't fully exhausted ---then it looks like more of a bargain. In addition, special tools are involved, there are face seals that need to be replaced, many tubes that need to be removed and reinstalled, The tank most likely will need to be rotated in its mount to clock the new valve, etc. I am surprised that the dealer is even willing to do the job. There will be nearly a grand in parts so I wouldn't risk my time and/or life for the rest of the payment. Where I live in central Florida, natural gas is so expensive that I need to see over $3 per gallon gasoline just to break even when when I am compressing it myself. I have taken all my CNG vehicles to Michigan where a GGE of natural gas costs me less then one dollar including electric for the compressor and a maintenance reserve. I have gone to electric for my cars and drive my gasoline Silverado for a similar or lesser fuel cost. Bite the bullet, pay the man and move on. If it is verified that the coil is shorted, at a minimum pay the dealer to defuel the tank then worry about completing the job at a later date when it fits into your budget. Have the dealer also do the 3 year tank inspection when he repairs the valve. BTW-manuals are available but add to your cost. The dealer has all this available for free but only for his use.


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        Maybe you could find somebody parting out a 2500hd with a tank that is not expired yet and change it yourself. Another possible option would be mount another tank in the bed behind the original as if you were installing an extra range tank and just run on that until a cheap used 2500hd tank becomes available.


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          Look at ebay item # 192591895807 a 2013 tank with valve . If you have somebody that knows what they are doing its would take about an hour to change yours out!